Cross-platform Digital Location Management Solutions


When users are connected to the internet, 24×7 through multiple platforms, businesses need to refine their digital strategy to ensure their location data is accurate. Justfind Media helps businesses to syndicate important data on local business listing and discovery platforms.

Modern-day customers are smart. They don’t just Google everything. Instead, they expect a business to be present everywhere- accessible from everywhere. As a leader in business listing and directory domain, we make sure your business data gets high rankings in local searches through innovative tactics and location & mobility-based solutions.

Tide of Time is in Favor of Glocal Economy

Everyone who is engaged over the internet- be it social media users, followers, reviewers, is interacting with the business on local level. They shop at nearby stores, eat at restaurants and live in a locality. In a globalized world, localization along with digitization is setting new milestones.

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Localization will continue to dominate the digital arena no matter how big or small any network is. With digital location management businesses can enhance their local online presence.

Managing your business’ digital footprint across locations can augment business growth by promising:

  • Greater Brand Visibility
  • Higher Sales Revenues
  • Better Local Search Engine Rankings

Our Digital Location Management Services

  • Listing Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Store Location Management